The Rocket Stove Rolling Boil

With football season in full swing, we recently had some people over to watch the big game, but with the nice weather we were having we decided to watch it outside. We set the TV up for optimal viewing in the yard along with a table full of food and an EcoZoom Versa stove. The weather this October in Portland, Oregon has been a less than characteristic of the typical rain we see. September brought a huge amount of rain but October has been nothing but sunny blue sky days. With a big Oregon football game on the calendar and a weather forecast prime for being outside, we took to the yard with our flat screen and watching the game outside. The game kicked off at 4pm so we knew that we would only be able to stay warm for a few hours at most before the sun went down, so we came prepared. As the sun started to go down, so did the temperature. It wasn't before long that the TV screen was illuminating the yard and people were looking for a way to stay warm. What better way than some hot toddy's? Being that we were outside, I didn't want to have to be running back and forth from inside the house with hot water for refills...this is where the EcoZoom Versa rocket stove came in handy. We had a table set-up outside with some finger food so I placed the EcoZoom on the table and started it up with charcoal. Using charcoal as fuel allowed me to heat up the stove at a high temperature while not needing to tend to the stove. So, I stacked up about 8 briquettes and used an Zoom Ignite Disc to lite the charcoal. While I waited for all the briquettes to heat up I ran inside, filled up the tea kettle and rounded up my necessary ingredients: Lemon Tea, honey, & bourbon. After watching the game for a few more minutes and waiting for all the coals to heat up, I put the tea kettle on the EcoZoom Versa stove. It didn't take long before the charcoal-fueled EcoZoom Versa had the water steaming, and soon after it was boiling, perfect! I made a round of Toddy's for those interested and filled up the tea kettle so it was again full. While we sipped our hot drinks to keep warm the tea kettle remained on the Versa which was able to provide enough heat to keep the tea kettle at a rolling boil. Every time someone wanted a refill, they didn't have to wait for hot water, it was always ready to pour. So next time you are going to be outside in the cold and are looking for some nice hot beverages, bust out your EcoZoom stove and share the warmth with those around you!

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