Transform with EcoZoom

Our aim is to feature more efficacy stories as we grow our market, in order to demonstrate how our products are adored and used in the field. The second person to feature in our series is Duncan, a distributor selling EcoZoom stoves and solar lights.



Distributor Profile  Duncan Oloo, who sells electronics, is a 38 year old father of two who lives in Goldsmith - Naivasha, Kenya. 

How Long Selling Jiko/Energy Saving Products

Duncan is an environmentalist who is keen on saving the environment and reducing the felling of trees for firewood in Kenya. He purchased his first stock of stoves in October 2013 and introduced them to the locals with the aim of reducing firewood and charcoal consumption. He has since started selling solar lights to his community.


Why EcoZoom

Duncan first heard about EcoZoom from a friend and, after finding out more about our work, became a distributor. Ever since he has worked to improve the living standards of the villagers by selling lights and stoves on credit or with installments and has empowered the community through various support groups. He likes being a distributor because EcoZoom is a well-established and responsible company that supports him in his work. He also loves the quality of the stoves and lights and is happy to be doing his part in conserving the environment and protecting Kenya’s forests.


What do your customers say about our products?  

 Duncan says that his customers fall in love with the EcoZoom stove from the word go. According to them our stoves are very attractive both in color and design and they are easy to clean and maintain. The stove also looks and feels like it will last for a long time without breaking.


The Transformation

Duncan is a happy man seeing EcoZoom stoves transforming his customers’ lives. Women who have started using the EcoZoom stove daily say that they do not get the headaches or itchy eyes that they suffered from before. This is because EcoZoom jikos are clean-burning and greatly reduce smoke emissions. One of the biggest changes reported by customers however is the massive reduction in the money spent in fuel. As a distributor, Duncan is happy to have a positive impact on women’s lives and to be championing environmental conservation by selling eco-friendly cook stoves.



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