The Nairobi International Trade Fair is an annual event that offers opportunities for regional, continental and global exhibitors to display and demonstrate their services and products. It also offers show goers an opportunity to meet people from different countries and backgrounds, thus creating a platform for interaction and exchange of ideas and experiences. The Trade Fair is the largest of its kind in the East African Region and is a 7-day event that runs between Monday and Sunday of late September and early October every year. EcoZoom was perfectly situated to participate in the event and show attendees the benefits of using our products – both for household savings and the preservation of the environment.
The first few days are usually slow for everyone (unless of course you are selling food- who can resist the mouth watering aromas wafting through the air?), but that was not the case for the EcoZoom community. By the second day our products were already flying off the shelf and we had to restock twice during the week!

The Fair was a great venue for interacting with our customers. We asked questions about our products and services, about perceived gaps in the market and suggestions on how to make our products increasingly accessible and affordable. This  process helps us evaluate what potential customers are looking for and what their needs are, something we always keep in mind as we continue to expand and improve.



We love the opportunity to listen to and understand our end users. We also signed up potential distributors who are interested in selling our products. All in all, the response from both the end users and potential distributors was very positive and thousands more people are now familiar with the EcoZoom brand and products. 

With every single sale, EcoZoom is contributing to Kenya's national goal of increasing the adoption rate of efficient cookstoves to 30% by 2020. The Nairobi International Trade Fair is the kind of event which helps us - and Kenya - get one step closer to achieving this goal. 



About the Author: Maureen Mumo is EcoZoom's new Marketing Intern and has just graduated in Business and Marketing from Strathmore University. We threw her straight into the deep end with this seven day stint at the Fair! 

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