Cook Profile


Susan Kinyungu
Age 37
Mother of 4
Lives in Kithyoko, Kitui

Purchase Date and Location

Susan bought her EcoZoom cookstove on September 8, 2014, from an EcoZoom agent who approached a women’s group in her area.  Many of the women in her area bought their stoves the same way.

Reason for Purchase

Her main reason for purchase of the stove was to reduce her fuel expenses. An added benefit that Susan can now use the charcoal flakes, which cannot burn in the locally fabricated cookstoves. With the EcoZoom stove, she does not have to cook outside for fear of headaches, red and itchy eyes which result from carbon emissions.      

Susan uses her cookstove daily and prepares all her various meals on it. She particularly likes the fact that she can cook indigenous meals in a shorter time on her new Ecozoom cookstove. She tells is she is now free from headaches and her little daughter no longer complains of breathing problems or itchy eyes.  They enjoy cooking together and the freedom from frequent and high costs of purchasing charcoal, with more family time in a healthy home environment.

The Transformation

The first thing she noticed is the fuel savings and is quick to mention how this transformed her budget and expenditure. She goes on to explain that her fuel expenses have drastically decreased ever since she started using the EcoZoom stove. Susan is both amused and pleased by the fact that she can use charcoal flakes to light her stove. She also gets to cook on her EcoZoom stove daily as opposed to using cooking gas. Moreover the cast iron ensures she heats her daughters bathing water with the stove and still saves time, as opposed to using the LPG gas in the morning. Susan concludes with, "Upishi haraka sana!" (It cooks very fast!).

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