EcoZoom rocket stoves reconnect you with nature with a simple and easy to use design that uses wood, charcoal, or solid biomass for fuel in a durable yet efficient package. That means you can leave your propane canisters behind while enjoying the quite sound of wood burning while kicking back enjoying life unplugged.

Rediscover Your Fire

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  • Zoom Versa

    The EcoZoom Versa stove uses wood, charcoal or solid biomass fuel. It is perfect for camping, outdoor cooking and emergency preparedness and is our most popular model in the United...
    $ 98.00
  • Zoom Dura

    The EcoZoom Dura rocket stove burns wood and other solid biomass fuel. It is great for camping and off-grid cooking, and has proven it’s durability in developing countries where it...
    $ 99.95
  • EcoZoom Plancha EcoZoom Plancha

    Zoom Plancha

    Designed for families that used Mexican style wood stoves, the Zoom Plancha incorporates the technology of our Zoom Versa into a double burner model. The Plancha has two independent combustion...
    $ 399.95
    $ 395.95
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