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International Project: Somalia


Stove: Zoom Relief

Project Type: Relief
Quantity of Stoves to Date: 20,200
Project Stage: Pilot
Implementing Partner: Relief International

Project Description

Only 0.3% of the population of Somalia has access to modern fuels for cooking (electricity or gas); 99% rely on wood and charcoal. However, only 9% of the population cooking with wood or charcoal has access to an improved cookstove. Instead they cook on open fires or dangerous unimproved stoves resulting in over 22,000 deaths each year. Respiratory diseases which occur due to regularly breathing in toxic cooking smoke (the equivalent of smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day), cause these deaths.

Relief International, with support from UNICEF, is piloting a project to introduce and promote fuel efficient stoves amongst internally displaced populations (IDPs) residing in camps in Mogadishu, Galkayo and Afgooye. The overt result is the reduction of fuel consumption, mainly wood found in the surrounding landscape exclusively collected by women and girls. However, it's most important objective is improving the protection of women and girls who put themselves at risk to gender-based violence because the time spent out collecting fuel leaves them vulnerable to assault. Additional benefits include the reduction of tensions between IDP and host communities in the competition for scarce resources and the alleviation of overall environmental degradation thanks to stove efficiencies.

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