Transform with EcoZoom

Our aim is to feature more efficacy stories as we grow our market, in order to demonstrate how our products are adored and used in the field. We hope this is the first of many. We start with an end-user from Nairobi.

Jackie cooking

Cook Profile

Jackie K. Aged 38 Mother of four Lives in Rongai - Nairobi, Kenya

Purchase Date and Location

Jackie purchased her stove in November 2013 direct from EcoZoom. She uses it to cook for her household of 7; her husband, four children and younger brother, who stays with them in their Rongai home.

Reason for Purchase

What first drew her to the EcoZoom stoves, she says, was their beauty. She even wondered if it really used charcoal. The she learned about the fuel savings and emissions reduction, which really compelled her to buy. Jackie and her son, Kevin, have had breathing difficulties all their lives, and had been greatly affected by the smoke that was produced by the charcoal-stoves they used to use. She would not risk cooking in the presence of Kevin in the fear that it would aggravate his breathing difficulties.


Jackie says that the EcoZoom Jet is very effective. “It produces so much heat and if you are not careful, you could burn your food.”  She likes to make typical Kenyan dishes like ugali and sukuma wiki and uses the stove for making tea in the morning and cooking dinner in the evening.

The Transformation

Jackie’s daily expenditure on charcoal has dropped 48%, which, for Jackie, translates to savings of more than 350KSH a month ($4.11). This has reduced the financial strain of fending for her family. More so, Kevin can now cook with the stove without having breathing problems. ‘Kuundwa imeundwa’ – ‘It has truly been built’, are the words Jackie used to show the joy that came with purchasing the EcoZoom stove and the change its had in her life. - Interview by Kui Mungai.

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